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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to configure OPC and DCOM?

    Please refer to the document "Configuring OPC and DCOM for OPC server and client applications from SAE – Automation, s.r.o." that describes OPC and DCOM settings in detail - available in the Download section.

  2. How to activate my product?

    In order to activate your software product to full version you will need to enter a name and the lincence key. Please start the product you want to activate and click "Enter key" when asked about product registration. You will be presented with a dialog window that shows "hardware fingerprint". Please e-mail us this fingerprint and tell us the "Name" under which you'd like to activate your product. Based on this information we will send you back the licence key that can be used to activate your product.

  3. Is it possible to transfer activated product to another computer?

    Yes, it is. Please run your protected program with the UNREGISTER command-line option i.e. "SaeUniOpcServer.exe UNREGISTER", without the quotes. It will guide you through the process and give you the uninstall code to pass to us. If the code is valid you can proceed with activation on another computer as described above.

  4. How to start OpcDbGateway?

    Please read more about this issue in User's Guide topic "The first start of OpcDbGateway application".

  5. Writing the values on data items doesn't work.

    Data item is probably read only. Check the rights of data items you are using. Open OpcDbGateway Configurator and choose data item. Change the rights to Read/Write.

  6. How to make OpcDbGateway data available via Internet/Intranet?

    Please read more about this issue in User's Guide topics "How to access OpcDbGateway data from anywhere place on Internet/Intranet" and associated sub-topics.

  7. How is it possible to verify that XML-DA wrapper has been installed correctly?

    Please type the URL in the internet browser as follows: http://localhost/XML-DA/SAEAutomation.OpcDbGatewayDA.3.asmx. If the XML-DA wrapper is working correctly you will see a web service test page which will inform you about all operations which are supported (it is a standard test page for all ASP.NET web services).

  8. If the XML-DA wrapper is installed successfully and working, how should we get the related web services' WSDL?

    If the web service test page is working, just click on "Service Description" link on the top of the screen to display web service’s WSDL or visit the following link http://localhost/XML-DA/SAEAutomation.OpcDbGatewayDA.3.asmx?WSDL.

  9. In the User's Guide "Win XML-DA OPC Client" is mentioned, where can I get this software and what is this software for?

    XML-DA OPC Client is a sample application only for the purpose of testing and demonstration how to access data through XML-DA interface. Please contact us and you will obtain the source code of this application on demand.

  10. We have already created a project for OpcDbGateway. I want to ask whether the Function Blocks (e.g. Main, Start) are the items displayed on the web service page?

    Function blocks are not items displayed on the web service page. They represent only a group of commands that can be executed sequentially in OpcDbGateway. OPC XML-DA is universal OPC standard that provides interface for accessing OPC server’s data through a web service (this means you can access items configured in the server's address space).

  11. How to access a process database through ODBC interface?

    The database access through ODBC provider is optimized for SQL Server. If you need to access other database e.g. ORACLE then please contact us and we may offer you additional possibilities how to solve your problem.

  12. From the following link http://localhost/XML-DA/SAEAutomation.OpcDbGatewayDA.3.asmx is not possible to get a web service test page. How can the problem be solved?

    Please make sure Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher is installed on your computer correctly (you can see if .NET Framework is installed via Administrative Tools panel). If so, try to reinstall .NET Framework. You can download it at Microsoft website. Make sure .asmx file extension is registered in IIS server. Make sure your link is written right.

  13. Our OPC server doesn't show in the OPC server list, is there any way to add OPC server to map items?

    You may write your OPC Server directly to the field "OPC Server ProgID" in format "computer name:ProgID".

Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
Extensions DLLs, configurations and examples of process databases for OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT SCADA are starting to be published as open source on GitHub in repository OpcDbGatewayEnhancements. We would like to welcome the contributors to this project. ...
OpcDbGateway enables to process data collected from different external processes and to write data to them using different means of inter-process communication. This article describes possibilities and one concrete implementation of inter-process communication based on the piping of standard output of an external process to OpcDbGateway runtime process. Ready-made or custom console applications communicating over pipes or parameters of command line interface string can considerably enhance configurable and/or programmed functionality of integrated applications based on OpcDbGateway
OpcDbGateway enables to enhance base configurable functionality using custom DLLs. Data exchange between core runtime application and the custom DLL can be provided over a C-style functional interface or over shared process variables of the process image memory. Advantages and problems of both methods are discussed in this article.