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Developer of microcomputer systems


  • university degree
  • 2 years of experience in given area (may be also during studies)
  • knowledge of technical English to learn documentation and for e-mail communication with customers, knowledge of German language welcome
  • knowledge of C language
  • knowledge of assembler (at least partial)
  • skilled at work with HW

Furthermore it is necessary to adapt in following areas:

  • 8051 and DSP (tier 56800)
  • CAN protocols (CAN 2.0, CANopen, CAN Kingdom)
  • serial communications, GSM, GPRS, radio communication

Personality qualifications for this job:

  • reliability, rigour, responsiblity, goal-orientation
  • ability of team work and open correct communication
  • leadership ability of a small team welcome

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Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
OpcDbGateway enables to enhance base configurable functionality using custom DLLs. Data exchange between core runtime application and the custom DLL can be provided over a C-style functional interface or over shared process variables of the process image memory. Advantages and problems of both methods are discussed in this article.
OpcDbGateway can be used also in IoT applications. Data collected locally, e.g. from home automation system can be easily published to MQTT broker in cloud and you will be able subscribe to them e.g. from your mobile phone application. Details about configuring OpcDbGateway for that can be found in linked article.
Flex4Grid project is co-funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 in the category "Innovative Action". Its aim is to create an open data and service framework that enables a novel concept of managing flexibility of prosumer (consumer and / or producer) demand and generation and to open distribution companies infrastructure for aggregators. ...