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Energy Consumption monitoring and analysis

For whom is it dedicated

  • Energy and facility managers
  • Integrator companies

How it can be useful for energy and facility managers

  • Overview of the actual energy consumption
  • Overview of the historical data
  • Cost information
  • Tools to analyze consumption and costs
  • Predictions of the consumption and costs
  • Reporting in different formats, for different time spans, their management and printing
  • Sending of alarms for defined conditions by E-mail or over SMS
  • Comparing of consumption on different places
  • Comparing of actual consumption with average and maximal consumption for different time ranges
  • Archiving of the maximal and average values daily, weekly, monthly and yearly as well as for every week day.
  • Defining of tariffs
  • Access to data in LAN and over Internet
  • Numerical and graphical data views
  • Grouping of data according to the different criteria
  • Back up of the configurable data
  • Binary values views
  • Visualisation according to the place and a consumption type
  • Analytical functions preconfigured according to the your needs
    • on line – according to the data saved in system
    • off line – according to the backed up data and reports in MS Excel™ format. Many different numerical and graphical data views
  • Fast solving of your specific requirements
  • Extensive basic functionality in fixed price
  • Budget-priced accommodation to your specific requirements
  • Possibility to monitor an energy consumption from renewable and unconventional energy sources
  • Tree view structure of the actual and historical data view. We create this structure for you. You can make its changing and modification also yourself, if you like.
  • Optionally, DDE communication with different applications, e.g. with MS Excel

How it can be used by integrator companies

  • Connecting of energy meters communicating with whatever communication protocol – independence on hardware vendor
  • Laborious programming is replaced by configuring and parametrizing
  • High flexibility – you can program your own configurable modules – enhancing of the base system according to your needs. Except of configurable database commands, you can use also SQL to provide more complex database functionality.
  • Enhancing of standard visualisation - standard data views, an application specific visualisation using whatever HTML editor.
  • You can use own visualisation software, e.g. MS Excel™, MS Visio™, MS Silverlight™ and others communicating over OPC, web services or DDE and even using different proprietary communication protocols.
  • Possibility to optimize by partitioning of on-line analytical functions between application for data collection and handling and the visualisation application.
  • Efficient tool using MS Excel to configure different off line analytical functions

Object of delivery

  • For energy and facility managers
    • completed software application providing the data collecting, handling and the visualisation accommodated to concrete requirements, taking into account points of supply, their placing, used energy meters and communication protocols
      • licences for base software for data collecting and handling
      • licence for an efficient off line analysis software tool
    • to the communication drivers specific for connected energy meters
    • documentation to the base software
    • application specific documentation
  • For the integrator companies
    • Developer’s licences for base software
      • for data collecting and handling
      • visualisation web application
      • visualisation desktop application
      • licence for efficient software tool for off line analysis
    • budget priced licences to the base software for using by end customers
    • documentation to the base software


  • For energy and facility managers
    • by parameterization of the system
    • by creation of off-line analysis
    • support service according to the dedicated service agreement
  • For integrator companies
    • by parameterization of the system
    • by programming of own configurable modules
    • overtaking of the some new parts development of the system according to your requirements
    • by visualization application development
    • pre-paid packages of the software support

SAEAUT EnergyMA components

The package consists of our next standard products:
  • OpcDbGateway for data collecting and handling,
  • SAEAUT OPCWebExplorer for visualisation over Internet and intranet ,
  • OPCAdapter for easy visualisation in LAN..

These products are preconfigured for a standard monitoring and on-line analysis of the energy costs. Energy meters are connected to the system most often over OPC servers from other vendors, or by communication drivers programmed such a way to be able to use them as additional configurable modules for OpcDbGateway™. Extensive off line analysis can be done using software tool Energy Lens™ running within MS Excel.

Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
Extensions DLLs, configurations and examples of process databases for OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT SCADA are starting to be published as open source on GitHub in repository OpcDbGatewayEnhancements. We would like to welcome the contributors to this project. ...
OpcDbGateway enables to process data collected from different external processes and to write data to them using different means of inter-process communication. This article describes possibilities and one concrete implementation of inter-process communication based on the piping of standard output of an external process to OpcDbGateway runtime process. Ready-made or custom console applications communicating over pipes or parameters of command line interface string can considerably enhance configurable and/or programmed functionality of integrated applications based on OpcDbGateway
OpcDbGateway enables to enhance base configurable functionality using custom DLLs. Data exchange between core runtime application and the custom DLL can be provided over a C-style functional interface or over shared process variables of the process image memory. Advantages and problems of both methods are discussed in this article.