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15 Dec 2004 00:00
OpcdDbGateway and OPCAdapter with new DA 3.0 Specification

Our software pakages OpcDbGateway and OPCAdapter have now implemented the new OPC Data Access Interface Specification 3.0. It is the specification of the interface for developers of OPC Data Access clients and OPC servers.

Our software products OpcDbGateway and OPCAdapter (Client application) implements the advanced programming concepts of the most current version of the OPC specification for use in developing next generation industrial software applications. It is the specification for data access interface for OPC technologies - OPC Data Access Custom Interface Specification 3.0.

OPC Data Access provides the basic functionality for data accessing (reading and writing) from various networked device via a standard network interfaces. This interfaces enable communication between OPC clients and OPC servers by various mechanisms to read and write data items according to need of the client application. The primary intent of OPC Data Access is to provides the interfaces for data acquisition in support of the vertical architecture (serve data from a device to a client application on a higher level computer).

The OPC Data Access Specification version 3.0 includes enhancement to the 2.05A specification in the following areas:

* provides improved methods for browsing the server address space and for obtaining the item properties
* provides an extremely easy way for simple applications to obtain OPC data
* provide a method for writing timestamp and quality information into servers that support this functionality
* provides a method for sending the keep-alive updates for a subscription
* allows the PercentDeadband to be set for individual items within a group
* (optional) the client to manipulate the rate at which individual items within a group are obtained from the underlying device
* provides coding and decoding information about process variables structure by using XML

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