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support services offered for our software products

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Product overview:

The aim of our company is to offer not only quality but also highly affordable software products and services. The affordability may not have impact on quality and support. We try to combine:

  • keeping of affordable prices and the possibility of broadly testing before buying, distributing also over shareware sales channels - which is typical for shareware
  • good support, which is typical for more expensive commercial software

We offer two kinds of support for our standard software products as well as for products based on software development outsourcing contracts:

  • one of our standard support packages
  • bespoke support for customers who have particular support needs

Standard support packages:

  • support for customer software developed in our company
  • evaluator support queries – it means support for future customers who need to evaluate our products before buying. We provide 2 free support incidents for every product which has future customer not experience with
  • support to the our already sold standard software products
    • free – for two support incidents or 2 man-hours
    • paid support packages – products mentioned in our price list as SAEAUT SOFTWARE SUPPORT package

Support queries:

  • non-critical
  • critical

The escalation of non critical issues is within 2 working days. The escalation of a critical issue is in the same working day. The e-mail access is accepted for both critical and non critical; the telephone access is used only for critical ones.

A critical support query is one that is escalated due to a severe or total loss of service provided by sold software product.

Critical support cases are immediately raised to technical support engineer for information gathering and investigation (As mentioned before, delay in raising non-critical ones is maximally 2 working days). On the rare occasions that an issue extends beyond the first individual’s field of knowledge, it is automatically passed to an established expert in the domain. The support manager monitors the situation until a satisfactory resolution is achieved.

Our software support is typically provided by the same experienced software developers and system administrators who provide our remote and onsite services. These technical experts are as comfortable answering end-user queries as they are editing source code.


  • entitles a customer to consume within a support package defined number of support incidents or man-hours
  • this package can be used for paid evaluator support queries as well as for support queries on
  • if a support query could take more then 1 man-hour, according to the first issue investigation, a customer is immediately informed by e-mail, telephone or fax and asked to negotiate estimated number of man-hours for solving of the issue or for deeper investigation
  • the package can be used for the paid support for standard software products, customer software products and evaluator support queries
  • a customer is entitled to ask for reimbursing of the more than one year non-consumed standard SAEAUT SOFTWARE SUPPORT package

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