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Interoperability for your devices and software applications

Our mission

Quality software solutions and products:
  • To provide interoperability between different software applications and devices.
  • To provide communication middleware products
  • To integrate complex applications easily – preferably by configuring instead of more laborious programming
  • To provide data collecting, processing, saving to databases, files and visualizing
  • To configure and parameterize electronic modules (e.g. data terminals, data transducers, electronic module testers)
  • According to the customer needs

To provide interoperability we use software technologies and protocols as OPC, web services, snmp, dde, MODBUS... We strive to improve continuously our own software platform (consisting of applications: OpcDbGateway, SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server, SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server, SAEAUT SMS OPC Server, SAEAUT OPC WebView... ) for covering of most requirements on data collecting and processing solutions. Using and adapting of our products we are able to provide solutions in energy management, SCADA, computer network monitoring and integrating it with SCADA.

How we can be useful for You

About SAE We can provide a PC and smart phones software and partly also firmware and hardware development for microcomputer modules of Your products. We can be useful also by improving of your existent software products according to requests of Your customers during the whole product life cycle. We can also develop complete automatic testers (SW+HW) and configuration software for your electronic modules. We can implement turn key solutions or participate on your projects from the area of control and monitoring of technological processes, equipment and buildings.

How we can cooperate with you

  • According to your requirements, we prepare layout, consult it with You, provide the development, tests and delivery of completed and tested product.
  • If You are interested in participation on product development process, there is also another method of our cooperation. In every product development phase, a diary of project is available to You. Using it, it is possible to monitor  the product development on the fly, to adapt requirements or put improvement hints.
  • There is also also the 3rd option of co-operation. It is incorporation of our software development team to Yours so you can fill up missing development man power. Project management depends on the use of know-how and software base as well as on the share of Your know-how.

Our relationship to customers

About SAE Building long-term relationships, it is of benefit not only to us but also to our customers because this way we are able to quickly respond to their needs and requirements. Customers satisfaction is the highest priority.

In relation to the customer is striving to adhere to the following rules:

  • listen carefully to understand the needs and requirements
  • fast reaction to requirements (the first response comes mostly within one working day)
  • optimal solution from the customer's perspective and our experience

Customers’ satisfaction with our products and services is rate of success of our company.


The company has the certified system of quality management build and maintained in accordance with requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000. The certificate covers area of design, development and deployment of the software solutions for industrial automation, utilities and business process management

Some of our skills

  • Database and projective software application for configuration and projection upload and also download of configuration to various microcomputer modules as industry terminals, converters of electrical and non—electrical values for Ex – environment, compacting machines for production of automobile body, control systems and telemetric modules.
  • Communication software drivers for connection of various systems to control and monitoring software, data transmission by PSTN, GSM, GPRS.
  • Client/server applications mainly using OPC (Ole for Process Control) technology and web services, large client/server application with redundancy for alarm systems.
  • Firmware of control system of cranes, converters of electrical and non—electrical values and industry terminals.
  • Software for manufacture testers of microcomputer modules.
  • PC software for implementation requirements of FDA 21 CFR part 11 in control and monitoring systems with operator panels.
  • Development and supplies of equipment for testing cable elasticity resistance controlled by universal PC system.
  • Cooperation on IST FP6 project with acronym NeCST – „Networked Control Systems Tolerant to faults “ with five significant European Universities and industry partners from France and Finland.
  • IST FP7 collaborative project "Platform for Opportunistic Behaviour in Incompletely Specified, Heterogeneous Object Communities" with the acronym POBICOS focused on wireless sensor networks (mainly ZigBee) using e.g.. automation of homes and buildings and energy management

Who we are

  • company was established in 1995 upon Slovak private investment
  • average number of internal stuff was from 3 to 15
Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
12 Mar 2018
Watch the video - 2nd part of the tutorial about MQTT publish/subscribe communication using OpcDbGateway. Please, see also the first part.
12 Feb 2018
Check out a video showing usage of OpcDbGateway for IoT. It demonstrates the case of using the message transmission from the building automation system to an application using the MQTT subscribe client.
06 Feb 2018
New video with short information about OpcDbGateway for application concertation and RAD has been published.