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creating of own OPC servers easily

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SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server is a software package (configurator and runtime) for MS Windows environment dedicated for usage in applications for industry, utilities,and also offices.

It can be used by integrators and software development companies.

It enables creating of own applications with the OPC server communication interfaces OPC DA (Data Access) 3.0x, 2.05, 1.0 a OPC AE (Alarm and Events) 1.10., OPC UA 1.01 and OPC XML DA 1.01 more easily as standard SDK's for development of OPC servers. Detailed knowledge of the OPC technology is not necessary. Product has a few possibilities to validate created configuration and to debug the application.

Product installation package contains also OPC UA 1.01 a o OPC XML DA 1.01 wrappers. Both standards enable communication using of web services. Newest OPC UA standard enables also more powerful communication using binary communication over TCP/IP. The OPC UA advantage is also that it does not use proprietary DCOM technology.

Own application specific functionality can be put into the product by combination of configuring and programming.

Your application cooperates with the ready made OPC server over shared memory by using so-called memory operands. Different functions using these operands can be configured using delivered configuration application. Product can be completed with dynamic linked libraries. They can be programmed using standards software development tools. This way created dll's can be later used as part of the standard configurable functionality of the product.


Using of SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Servera /click in the figure/

Creating of applications by configuring enables higher productivity by application creating as programming. It is possible to use configurable arithmetic, logical and comparison commands as well as command for creating of parameterizable messages saved to log-files.

Configuring application offers a few possibilities to verify created configuration and to debug runtime application. It contains also built-in OPC client.


Configuring application of the SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server/click in the figure/

Likeness with OpcDbGateway

Those who already worked with our application OpcDbGateway will be immediately able to work also with the SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server. From the point of view of configuration and integration there is difference that OPC UNIVERSAL Server does not contain internal OPC client and none functionality related to process databases. The functionality to connect external dll’s has been slightly enhanced. New function to access the memory operands area and functionality to notify start and ending of the runtime application has been added.


  • OPC DA (Data Access) 3.0, 2.05, 1.0 a OPC AE (Alarm and Events) specifications implemented
  • Installation package is enhanced with OPC UA 1.01 wrapper enabling to access data from OPC server according to the newest Unified Architecture (UA) standard using web services or binary data over TCP/IP.
  • Installation package is enhanced with OPC XML-DA 1.01 wrapper
  • Your configuration can be created by user friendly configuration application containing:
    • built-in graphical browser (editor) of the configuration
    • browser of the system log-files
    • built-in configuration verifier with context dependant finding of an error
  • installation package contains easy immediately running
  • runtime application enables logging of server functionality with definable depth
  • runtime application enables monitoring of actual status using system variables over OPC DA interface
  • The „Find“ function enabling looking for text expressions in an actual configuration by user friendly way.

Usage examples


1. OPC DDE server

  Although OPC is thought of more powerful communication technology, the DDE communication is still used as well. It can be used for example for communication with the application MS Excel. Using SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server, you can create OPC DDE Server functioning as gateway between applications with DDE and OPC communication. DDE communication driver will be placed within your dll. Functions from this dll will be called from the SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server runtime core using configurable commands Call. The sequence of the function calls can be controlled by configured status automat.

2. I/O OPC Server

Vendors of the I/O modules for PC delivers often a communication ActiveX or dll to their modules. Using this software within your enhancing dll, you can create OPC server for this module easily. A communication with this module will be then possible trough OPC XML DA or OPC UA also over Internet. Except of this, data from this module can be processed on different ways, for example to filter, evaluate, generate events and alarms, to create parameterised messages containing actual values, or to start external applications depending on actual values of the variable from I/O module. If relatively stable communication functionality will be placed within enhancing dll and the functionality of next data processing will be configured, you can gain very flexible and easily configurable system working with data from the I/O module.You can use many configurable functions, The writing of actual values to log-files within parameterised messages is one of them.
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OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo.

OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo is a trademark of the OPC Foundation and may be used only by written permission of the OPC Foundation. Any unauthorized use of the Certified for Compliance logo is prohibited. OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo indicates that this product has been tested by an independent certification lab and certified to be compliant with the following OPC Specifications: Data Access 2.05a Data Access 3.0 Additional information about compliance testing, logo program and a summary of test results can be found at for: SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server 3.17.00
Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
28 Jul 2017
Extensions DLLs, configurations and examples of process databases for OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT SCADA are starting to be published as open source on GitHub in repository OpcDbGatewayEnhancements. We would like to welcome the contributors to this project. ...
29 Jun 2017
OpcDbGateway enables to process data collected from different external processes and to write data to them using different means of inter-process communication. This article describes possibilities and one concrete implementation of inter-process communication based on the piping of standard output of an external process to OpcDbGateway runtime process. Ready-made or custom console applications communicating over pipes or parameters of command line interface string can considerably enhance configurable and/or programmed functionality of integrated applications based on OpcDbGateway
27 Jun 2017
OpcDbGateway enables to enhance base configurable functionality using custom DLLs. Data exchange between core runtime application and the custom DLL can be provided over a C-style functional interface or over shared process variables of the process image memory. Advantages and problems of both methods are discussed in this article.