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09 Mar 2010 11:03
SAEAUT SMS service 2.0 - released

SMS messaging is now used for sending of information to customers, SMS marketing, managing of employees remotely, SMS voting, maintenance initialization, SMS tickets sending, the parking place and other services reservation and paying, resending of e-mails as SMS, starting of various programmes and scripts using SMS.
SAEAUT SMS service 2.0 is product applicable when performance provided by one modem connected to the PC is enough for a SMS messaging requirements of the application.
The delivered software package (SMS server, configurator, desktop client) can be used:
1. as complete stand alone application for sending /receiving SMS using delivered example desktop client application from any computer in LAN.
2. with a customer client applications and scripts which cooperates with SAEAUT SMS service via shared database file.
3. with another application from the company SAE - Automation - OpcDbGateway for complex condition based SMS messaging and also as OPC SMS client/server software.
Core functionality of the SMS server is implemented as Windows Service without user interface. Using of PDU for SMS transmission provides its usability with many types of GSM modems.
The ńewest version of the SAEAUT SMS service 2.0 has higher performance and improved user interface. Configuration application enables:
- import/export of the SMS recipients from/to csv-files
- the improved logging of activities
- log-file number and size and automatic removing old SMS from database can be parameterized
- looking for all connected GSM modems
- Windows service settings can be called directly from SAEAUT SMS Service configuration application.
Using it with OpcDbGateway enables to create SMS messaging applications with complex handling of message databases by configuring (mostly less laborious then programming) with database handling commands and, if necessary, using SQL commands. The SMS messaging with OpcDbGateway can be based also on evaluation of variables from technological devices or from a building automation system.

SAEAUT SMS service should satisfy customers looking for a professional SMS messaging solution with good price/features ratio.

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