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MFC Extension class library to add sending and receiving SMS messages to your software application

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Current version overview:

The class library allows adding of new valuable functionality - the SMS messages processing, to your own software applications. All functionality which relates with sending, receiving SMS messages and configuring required parameters is included in one single C++ class with very good documentation. The SAEAUT SMS Library (MFC) is provided with easy understandable sample. We believe that by using this DLL library you will be able to send and receive SMS messages from your applications almost effortless.


  • send text messages to a specific phone number
  • read incoming text messages
  • set various messaging and network parameters (PIN, SMSC, Message Memory, Service Center Address etc.)
  • read modem and network information (Manufacturer, IMEI, Model, Signal Strength etc)
  • reading of delivery report about sent SMS message
  • send AT commands to GSM modem
  • receive a modem answer from GSM modem


  • the maximal length of single SMS message is 160 characters. (ETSI ES 201 901 protocol 1) Messages are coded as PDU, according to the GSM 03.40 specification (In PDU mode, a complete SMS Message including all header information is given as a binary string (in hexadecimal format). Therefore, only the following set of characters is allowed: {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F}. Each pair or character is converted to a byte (e.g.: ‘41’ is converted to the ASCII character ‘A’, whose ASCII code is 0x41 or 65). In Text mode, all commands and responses are in ASCII characters. If PDU mode is used, any encoding can be implemented)
  • SMS message can be sent to one or several phone numbers
  • sent SMS is associated with reference number. – for good traceability of the sent SMS
  • optimized and tested for following operators:
    • Orange
    • T-Mobile
  • the system is open for use in other networks
  • GSM modem or phone can be connected to any personal computer via standard communication interfaces (RS-232, IrDA, Bluetooth, USB)
  • connection to GSM network is interposed by a SIM card which is inserted in GSM modem device
  • optimized and tested for next modems or mobiles: Wavecom Fastrack, Falcom Samba 55, FALCOM TANGO 55, NOKIA 6151, SONY ERICSSON K750
  • the system is open for using GSM modems from other vendors that complies with ETSI specification GSM 07.05


  • SAEAUT SMS Library TRIAL - entitles unlimited use of SAEAUT SMS Library (MFC)TM -TRIAL with all features on one single computer. It adds a advertisement signature at the beginning of every text message, that is sent out or received.
  • SAEAUT SMS Library STANDARD - entitles you to install SAEAUT SMS Library (MFC)TM -STANDARD on one or multiple computers within one single geographical premises of an organization/company/enterprise. It does not entitle you to rent, lease or distribute it either as standalone or bundled with an application.
  • SAEAUT SMS Library DISTRIBUTION - Same as SAEAUT SMS Library (MFC)TM - STANDARD plus it gives you the additional rights to rent, lease or distribute an unlimited number of licenses outside your organization but only bundled with an application.


SAEAUT SMS Library (MFC)TM is delivered as is. Our support is based on Support packages delivered as standalone products.

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