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Download SAEAUT SMS Service (free demo version) Download
Download SAEAUT SMS Client (free demo version) Download
Download SAEAUT SMS Web Client (free demo version) Download



Download SAEAUT SMS Service Responder DB (mdb) Download
Download Example of the client aplication for SMS Server in MS Excel Download


Download SAEAUT SMS Service - sending and receiving SMS from / to various applications Download
Download SAEAUT SMS Web Client - Installation guide Download
Download SAEAUT SMSresponder - demo application providing looking for information required by SMS in database and sending it as a SMS response Download
Download SAEAUT SMS Service (documentation) Download
Download SAEAUT SMS Service - latest version overview (XML PAD file) Download
Download The client application example for SAEAUT SMS Service for sending SMS implemented in VBA within xls-sheet Download


Video How to set up SAEAUT SMS Service Download

Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
12 Mar 2018
Watch the video - 2nd part of the tutorial about MQTT publish/subscribe communication using OpcDbGateway. Please, see also the first part.
12 Feb 2018
Check out a video showing usage of OpcDbGateway for IoT. It demonstrates the case of using the message transmission from the building automation system to an application using the MQTT subscribe client.
06 Feb 2018
New video with short information about OpcDbGateway for application concertation and RAD has been published.