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If you are looking for information about our products and you can not find it or you need an older version of any of the programs, please write us and we will gladly help you. We welcome any your comments and opinions.


Download SAEAUT SCADA (for OS x64 and x86) Download




Download Communication of OpcDbGateway with MS Excel via DDE Download


Download SAEAUT SCADA - product flyer Download
Download SAEAUT SCADA - table of the features, components and software products Download
Download Alarms in OpcDbGateway Download
Download Integration of applications effectively.OpcDbGateway – configuring and programming, overview. Download
Download Running OPC Servers as a Windows NT service Download
Download DDE client for OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server Download
Download Programming of OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server Download
Download SAEAUT OPC WebView - Universal Web Visualization for Data from Different Devices Download
Download OpcDbGateway documentation Download
Download Enhancement Dll’s for OpcDbGateway Download
Download Historical Trend Wizard for OpcDbGateway Download
Download Configuring OPC and DCOM for OPC server and client applications from SAE – Automation, s.r.o. Download


Video How to use external DLL in OpcDbGateway Download
Video How to create external DLL for OpcDbGateway Download
Video How to import external OPC server in OpcDbGateway Download
Video How to create Process Database in OpcDbGateway Download

Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
Our software product SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server has a number of successful deployments on virtually all continents to manage and monitor IT equipment in data centres, industrial plants, atomic power plants, air traffic control centres... We are constantly updating websites for all of our products to ensure responsiveness on all devices and extremely fast display with AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. Check out the new SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server website using AMP. We will be happy to provide our customers with the experience of using this technology.
Check out the latest OpcDbGateway page using AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages, which ensures extremely fast page loading on all device types. If you are interested in creating new websites or upgrading your site using AMP, please contact us.
OpcDbGateway's new description emphasizes its use as an application platform for software application integration, configuration, programming, debugging and cyclical (IEC 61131-3) and event-driven (IEC 61499) data processing, the ability to utilize a wide range of "open source" standard console applications implemented eg . in C, C ++, Python, an application over Node.js in JavaScript, or deployed with Docker Containers and communicating through standard inputs and outputs with the runtime application core. ...