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web browser based OPC client, accessing data on any OPC server with OPC DA interface

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SAEAUT OPCWebExplorer enables to access data on various devices over Internet. To communicate with a device it is necessary to have communication driver. There are many communication drivers for various devices already implemented as OPC servers and because of this there are also many various devices which can be accessed over Internet using SAEAUT OPCWebExplorer.

SAEAUT OPCWebExplorer enables:

  1. easy straightforward access to the data using one of two standard predefined views:
    • not structured list of chosen data items
    • tree view on chosen data items
  2. the creation of own visualization application using installed template. To create such an application it is possible to use arbitrary HTML editor. Your web application can encompass data presentation in the form of graphs, animations, various tables
  3. read/write access to the devices data

The installation of SAEAUT OPCWebExplorer encompasses:

  • web application using AJAX technology written in ASP.NET/C# for MS IIS implementing above mentioned standard list view and tree view on the devices data
  • our simulation OPC server enabling immediately after installation starting of the demo application showing data from simulated device
  • OPC XML DA gateway which is necessary to transform communication based on DCOM to the communication based on web services
  • the OPCWebExplorer price except of above mentioned installed components and documentation in the form of help file and pdf file covers also 10 hours of our support using e-mail and other forms of internet communication

What you have to do to accommodate OPCWebExplorer to your OPC servers:

  1. to overwrite ID of the installed simulation OPC server by ID of your OPC server
  2. to prepare list of data items you want to access in pre-defined form
  3. create own data views if you like

Working with devices data mediated by our products SAEAUT SNMP OPC server and OpcDbGateway enables even more easy approach. The most laborious above mentioned 2nd step can be replaced by automatic export of OPC server configuration to the proper XML file format which is perceptible by OPCWebExplorer.

What we can do for you:

Development of customized web application based on usage of SAEAUT OPCWebExplorer, your or third parties OPC servers, our products OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server we can do completely for you. We will glad prepare complete function design according your requirements, provide implementation and testing.




Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
Within the IoT application, OpcDbGateway can be used for local pre-processing data. ...
On the simplest application - "Hello World", which is used by easiest description of many software development environments and programming languages, we explain options and basic principles of creating applications in the OpcDbGateway development environment , in which comprehensive database and communication applications for industry, energy and other domains can be developed without deep knowledge of modern programming languages. Those who have programming skills can add own program modules to the OpcDbGateway. See the article OpcDbGateway - Hello World .
Our software product SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server has a number of successful deployments on virtually all continents to manage and monitor IT equipment in data centres, industrial plants, atomic power plants, air traffic control centres... We are constantly updating websites for all of our products to ensure responsiveness on all devices and extremely fast display with AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. Check out the new SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server website using AMP. We will be happy to provide our customers with the experience of using this technology.