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Application description

Cam shaft Electronic camshaft RS-97 is connected through synchronous serial interface to encoder and communicates through INTERBUS S with programmable logic vontrol (PLC). Besides function of alon camshaft, RS-97 is able read from PLC failure bits for text terminal OP-96 and handle programmed error messages.

Firmware RS-97 functions

  • communication with encoder through SSI
  • scales of information about position in 360 steps to 1 evolve, comparison of information about position stored in RS-97 with information form encoder
  • 32 cam trajectories with following types
    • Start/Stop - maximum 5 start-stop at evolve
    • Path/Time - one start - stop at evolve in defined time
    • Dynamic - similar to Path/Time but with allowing to speed rotation
  • Save and data handle about trajectories for maximum 100 programs (1 program includes data about 32 cam trajectories and is defined for pressing one type of pressing)
  • program development for RS-97

SAE - Automation provided not only complete implmentation of firmware RS-97 but also set-up software for PC, which provides

  • programs creating for RS-97 off-line
  • semigraphic displaing of created programs
  • on-line developed programs uploading
  • off-line developed programs downloading
  • creating and printing reports
  • management and programs back-up in one list

Cam shaft

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