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How to register to use the SMS gateway?

You can register directly on our website Services -> SMS Gateway -> Registration . Fill out all necessary information. By submitting you confirm your registration. On the email address, which you entered, will be sent by email generated login data. Within 24 hours you will be sent a confirmation email to activate your account. This email will be contain special six-digit code, which you will be use as variable symbol or the purchase of credit by bank transfer. From that point on, you can use our SMS gateway.

How to login to the SMS gateway?

You can do the following: Services -> SMS Gateway -> Login or select SMS Gateway in the upper menu. You will be redirected to the SMS gateway, where you can login using the login information, which you received in first email.

How to buy credit

Buying credits is carried in two ways. First way is purchase via share*it!, where you can buy a credit coupon in the price of 10€ or 25€. If you want a higher credit, you have to buy more credit coupons. Second way is purchase by bank transfer. You can buy arbitrary credit (min 5€). If we received your payment on our bank account, we will be sent an email with an information about increase credit. An invoice will be sent to the address, which you entered.

Bank account: ČSOB

Account: 83439413/7500
Variable symbol: variable symbol is your login without state code eg. when login is 421987123456 variable symbol is 987123456

Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
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