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Send your sms to all over the world for the best prices!

Our company deals with SMS solutions for a long time. Initially, our customers were only legal persons, but we decided these services to provide public. Everyone can use our SMS gateway.

Sending messages via SMS Gateway is cheaper than sending by phone. The great advantage is that if you send SMS from home or from abroad to the another country, price is always the same. Current pricelist of SMS messages to all countries and their mobile phone networks to section Pricelist.

To use the SMS gateway just fill in the registration form, which is available on our website Services -> SMS Gateway -> Registration . After you complete the registration you can buy credit in ways described in part FAQ.

If your account is activated,you can purchased credits FAQ. In addition to sending SMS messages, you can browse the archive of messages for the last two months.

Flex4Grid - Horizon 2020 project
Watch the video - 2nd part of the tutorial about MQTT publish/subscribe communication using OpcDbGateway. Please, see also the first part.
Check out a video showing usage of OpcDbGateway for IoT. It demonstrates the case of using the message transmission from the building automation system to an application using the MQTT subscribe client.
New video with short information about OpcDbGateway for application concertation and RAD has been published.