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06 Feb 2013 08:31
A new generation OpcDbGateway and UNIVERSAL OPC Server

The version 5 of products OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server provides a number of improvements not only in both the runtime and configuration applications of mentioned products but also in the auxiliary jointly distributed applications.
We considered it important that the latest versions of the products are available, and already tested for the latest versions of operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Still it is not obvious that the products tested for operating systems for the x86 platform operate reliably also on x64 hardware platform. Putting new line of products for all kinds of platforms and versions of older and newer Windows operating systems was therefore quite time-consuming.
Increased efficiency of the new versions of runtime application opens the opportunity to use OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server in more demanding applications with thousands of interconnected data points than ever.

Better keeping of synchronous controller period means that OpcDbGateway can be seen as a soft real-time operating system. Possibility to use it in demanding applications is enhanced by the implementation of the new OPC client in OpcDbGateway.

For each external OPC server in the version 5 can be defined multiple OPC Groups. It reduces unnecessary data transfers and thus increases the number of connectable data points and the demands on the hardware used.

Very important aid for increasing productivity in the integration of applications and reducing configuration errors was already in previous the automatic mapping of address space of external OPC servers and the configuration of external DDE servers to the configuration of the OpcDbGateway. We have implemented a similar functionality of mapping the database tables to the OpcDbGateway configuration. As most business application is implemented using database systems, it will enhance the desirability of using OpcDbGateway to integrate business applications, which integrate real-time data with data from databases. The OpcDbGateway configuring application allows not only automatic mapping of database tables to the configuration, but also the opposite process - the creation of a database table configured in OpcDbGateway configurattor in the connected database. OpcDbGateway can now work with many different databases using different database drivers.

OpcDbGateway combines sequential functionality (implementation of a sequence programmed or configured commands) and event-driven functionality. Events are initiated in OpcDbGateway by trigger. Triggers can be of the type time or of the type of internal variable - a memory operand. Given the importance of this feature is a significant benefit while extending functionality and transparent user interface for configuring triggers and events. In single transparent manner can be now configured triggers with period in milliseconds and also with a period at the weeks and years.
The monitor view in the configurator enabled in previous versions an option only to read OPC items by testing of a configuration. Currently, you can already also write OPC items, which eliminates the need for external OPC client for testing.
Configuration application was accompanied by a separate output window with three tabs where you can watch status of alarm sources, read the contents of the attached databases by freely definable SQL queries and to monitor logging files in real-time.
Sometimes small changes greatly simplify usability. Such simple improvement is structuring of system variables that enable powerful monitoring of runtime application through OPC server interface, according to the different categories in the directory structure of the internal OPC server in the OpcDbGateway and SAEAUT UNIVERSAL OPC Server.
We believe that the new generation of products brings new application possibilities and satisfaction to all our customers.

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