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OPC-UA as an additional interface for our products
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The newest versions of our products SAEAUT SNMP OPC Server Enhanced 2.08 a OpcDbGateway 3.14 are delivered also with additional OPC UA interface. The OPC UA functionality can be tested with delivered OPC UA demo client. All other features of the products are the same as in previous version. You can decide if you want to install UA functionality or not.

It is expected that OPC UA will replace the very successful DCOM-based specifications of the OPC Foundation (DA – data access, HDA – historical data access, and A&E – alarms and events) over the next few years as OPC UA unifies all the functions provided by those specifications. Because of its platform-independence and use of state-of-the-art Web service technology it is expected that OPC UA will be applied in an even wider range of industries and applications, compared to classic OPC. It can be deployed on devices, DCS, MES and ERP systems. The small set of easy-to-use services allows accessing the unified address space in a reliable and secure manner. By using binary encoding the OPC UA is a high-performance solution, significantly faster than XML data exchange.
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